Care pack includes 4 assorted pastries and a cookie ( the menu changes every week) Check out our IG on Monday for the menu.

DELIVERY AREA: Seattle, Renton, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Newcastle, Burien

Delivery between 7am and noon 


Care Pack

  • When ordering for friends/family/colleagues - please make sure they are aware the delivery is coming and are availabel to answer the door (for apartment buildings), or at least are in town 

    When you place an order, we spend a lot of time making and baking the pastries, as well as attempting to deliver the care package. If we are not able to get inside the apartment building (ie no answer when we call to teh apartment), and there is no answer when we try to call the phone number provided, we will not be able to refund  the money for the failed delivery.